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Does the Co-Op offer tutoring or complete schooling?

No. We are not a “school”. We are just home school families coming together to share experiences and certain classes once a week. These classes may include art, music, physical education, geography, or opportunities for speech. In the future, we hope to be able to offer our members the opportunities for National Spelling or Geography Bees and Science Fairs.

When does the Co-Op meet?

We meet from September through May with breaks for holidays at Trinity Baptist Church. Once a month, each class takes an age-appropriate field trip. For more information about meetings, contact one of our Executive Council members.

Can I participate without being a member?

We welcome any home school families to visit our weekly meetings once or twice to “check us out”. Some of our activities outside of our regular meetings are open to all homeschoolers. Those who wish to participate in field trips and special events only can join at a discounted rate.

What are member benefits?

1. Weekly classes

2. Website which will include Announcements, Class information, Chat Room, Web mail, News through e-mail and much more.

3. Many other opportunities offered through our members.

4. Database of all members.

5. Database of member businesses.

6. Library of information, some curriculum, books, videos.

7. Socialization for ourselves and our children.

8. Standardized testing

Can we join mid-year?

You have two opportunities to register – Fall or Spring semester. New members joining mid year recieve a pro rated fee. Contact a board member to find out details on registration deadlines.

How can I join?

1. Read our constitution.

2. Download a copy of our member application.

3. Sign our Statement of beliefs and purpose.

4. Fill it out and mail with registration fee

5. In the summer, there will be special membership days to come in person to join and register for classes.

6. During the school year, you may bring your membership form to co-op and give it to our membership Director.