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Membership Options


Meet 3 times a month (the 1st 3 Mondays of each month September – April) to participate in electives. Full members also have access to all special events and field trips. Meetings are held at Trinity Baptist Church.

Field Trips/ Special Events

FT/SE members only participate in field trips (usually once a month) and special events such as: Fall Festival, Gingerbread Christmas party, Easter Egg Hunt, Family Fun Day, etc.


Schedule for Monthly Meetings

Full Members

Pre K (2 yrs & up) – Music, Keepers/Contenders of the Faith, Story Time/Craft, & Free Play

Lower Elementary – Music, Art,  Lego Build/Free Play, Keepers/Contenders of the Faith

Upper Elementary – Music, Art, Games, Keepers/Contenders of the Faith

Teens – Art, Games, Debate, Life Skills (First Aid, Creative Cooking, & Survival – Fall Semester)



Membership Fees

(Each family choose one membership type)
$75 Enrollment Fee per Family for the entire year, if paid before August 31st only $60.
$15 Elective Fee per child, per semester for the following classes: Art & Music
(Full membership includes field trips and special events at no extra charge).
Field Trips/ Special Events:
$50 Enrollment Fee per Family, if paid before August 31st only $40.